About Us
Larissa Mair Casting and Associates are very excited to be embarking on the next chapter of their casting business. Larissa Mair has been casting film, television and theatre for almost ten years. At Larissa Mair Casting and Associates we take pride in discovering “new faces” and we are responsible for launching the careers of many young and talented performers. We have cast dozens of feature films, short films and television series which have gone on to critical and financial success.

"Larissa is a true professional with an unparalleled eye for talent and an extraordinary ability to quickly understand what a production needs.

She worked tirelessly through our entire search and wasn't happy until we were happy. Would unreservedly recommend her and her team."

Stuart Coxe
Executive Producer,
Antica Productions






In high school, your world opens up – you find out what you love and what makes you who you really are. If you’re 15-year-old CHARLOTTE PARSONS, what you love is just about everything, and the challenge is fitting it all in. Luckily, she has an app for that, and for just about everything else. As Charlotte and her friends navigate their lives at Rowat High School, they use coding, robotics, and technology of all kinds to make their lives easier, more connected, and way more fun!

We are currently searching across Canada for 2 ROLES!