EXTENDED DEADLINE TO SUBMIT: Thursday, August 11th by 2:00 PM EST.

We are also hosting in-person auditions on August 11th. Please email headshot, resume, and role you’d like to be considered for. If you are unable to attend, we welcome you to submit a self-tape


We are searching across Canada for talented “triple threats” to bring this musical to life!

**Seeking Talent Across Canada**
**Talent must be fully vaccinated (2 doses or more) against COVID-19**
**Talent may only apply if they are Canadian Citizens**

Audition material/instructions can be found linked under the full character descriptions below the details.


Project: ROCK OF AGES (Across Canada search)
Genre: Musical Theatre
Production company: More Entertainment
A+ House
Venue: Elgin Theatre

Auditions: Via Self-tape
Callbacks: September 18 – 21, 2022* Callbacks will be in person.
Rehearsals: Beginning January 9, 2023.
Run: Previewing on February 23, 2023, opening officially on March 2, 2023, and running until May 20, 2023.
Location: Toronto (Elgin Theatre)
Rate: Per Equity regulations

Artistic Director/Director: JP Gedeon
Music Director: Mark Camilleri
Choreographer: Sean Cheesman
General Manager: Raymond Chandler
Associate General Manager: Pat McKinna
Head of Marketing: Laura van Leest
Head of Production: Gary Wilson
Casting Director: Larissa Mair
Casting Associate: Colleen Rush
Casting Assistants: Jade Hesson, Sophie van Bastelaer

EXTENDED DEADLINE TO SUBMIT: Thursday, August 11th by 2:00 PM EST.

We are also hosting in-person auditions on August 11th. Please email headshot, resume, and role you’d like to be considered for. If you are unable to attend, we welcome you to submit a self-tape


Please read the instructions carefully before sending any questions
If you have an agent, please allow them to submit you
You do not need permission to submit


It is 1987, and the fabled West Hollywood club the Bourbon Room is the seedy, sordid, vibrant heart of the Sunset Strip. The music venue has seen better days, but as run by chilled-out former rock impresario Dennis Dupree, and tended to by Dennis’s mischievous assistant Lonny, it is the essence of rock and roll. When bright-eyed young hopeful Sherrie Christian, a small-town girl who wants to make it as an actress, arrives in town, she bumps into Drew, a Bourbon Room busboy with dreams of rock and roll stardom. Love-struck Drew convinces Dennis to hire Sherrie, and the stage seems set for their romance. But when the Mayor of West Hollywood, persuaded by a couple of scheming German real estate developers, announces his intention to demolish the Bourbon Room and the entire gritty Sunset Strip, the stakes are raised. Dennis convinces rock god Stacee Jaxx, lead singer of megaband Arsenal, to play the band’s last show at the Bourbon Room, hopeful that the money raised will stop the building from being demolished. But Stacee, a man of massive charisma and massive ego, leaves destruction in his wake, sleeping with Sherrie and getting knocked out by his own band before the concert is over. In the midst of violent anti-demolition protests, Sherrie flees to a nearby strip club and Drew falls into the clutches of a boy band. Who can save the Bourbon Room, the young lovers, and the feuding Germans? Only Lonny, the “dramatic conjurer”, knows for sure. Rock of Ages is a big, brash, energetic tribute to classic rock, to over-the-top ballads and fierce guitar, to the gritty glamour and rough energy of the Sunset Strip. This jukebox musical features ’80s hits such as “We Built this City”, “I Wanna Rock”, and “Don’t Stop Believin'”.


(All audition requirements/ information is included in the packages linked below each character description)

We are committed to diverse, inclusive casting. For every role, please submit qualified performers, without regard to disability, race, age, colour, national origin, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or any other basis prohibited by law.

Please note that the characters listed below may be doubled up into a single role offering. This is still TBD. The total cast compliment is currently set at 25, including swings.



Male, mid to late 20s. Drew is a consummate dreamer – looking ahead to capturing his fame and fortune in the world of rock and roll. Innocent, idealistic, and romantic, he faces the world with an air of hope and optimism, while also conferring trust onto everyone he meets. His openness and youthful innocence warms our hearts and reminds us of a simpler time when we too were filled of expansive and unscrutinized dreams. Kind-hearted, generous and caring, Drew’s heroism stems from his ability to learn what really matters in life, as he makes his way through a crazy and eccentric world. But beware: his power explodes off the stage whenever he engages in his passion for rock music! In those moments, the audience fully understands that he is, in fact, a superstar, an artist, and a driving force. Comfortable in his skin, humble, and accessible, he lets us into soul – a soul that soars every time he expresses his passion for rock and his passion for the woman he loves (Sherrie).
High and soaring rock tenor (Vocal Range: Bb3-D5). A singer of practice and stamina, Drew must maintain the considerable musical requirements of 80s rock-and-roll lead lines.
Dance level: B+ (*see below). LEAD


Female, mid to late 20s. With the look of an 80s video starlet, Sherrie is a consummate dreamer. Shy, gentle, empathetic, accessible and suggestible, she is filled with a passion to break from her troubled and sheltered youth. Coming from a home of suggested abuse, she finds the strength to move into a world where she can define herself and chart her own path. Because of her sheltered youth, however, she faces the world with wide-eyed romanticism and innocence – still seeking to fulfill herself by finding the thing ‘out there’ that will give her the feeling of value and acceptance she so desperately wants. As a result, she inadvertently leaves herself open to being taken advantage of by several strong influences – a circumstance that eventually forces her onto the stage of a strip club. By learning through adversity, Sherrie’s heroism comes to life in her eventual self-acceptance, which opens a door for her to find the future that will fulfill her. Sherrie’s story is that of a coming-of-age, where an impressionable girl learns to become a self-reliant and self-possessed woman.
Belting rock singer (Vocal Range: G3-F5) – with youthful timbre. A singer of practice and stamina, Sherrie must maintain the considerable musical requirements of 80s rock-and-roll lead lines.
Dance level: A * LEAD


Male late 30s to early 50s. Heavily character-driven and highly comedic, Lonny represents the soul of the Bourbon Room and the very spirit of the Sunset Strip. A free-spirit, filled with joy, irony, and mischief, Lonny serves as the narrating driving force behind the plot of Rock of Ages. A worshipper at the shrine of Rock, he represents the quirk, abandon, and unbridled playfulness inherent in 80s music. With the required charisma, he addresses the audience directly, singling out members and interacting with them, while melding, chameleon-like, into the mood of each scene he introduces. Although edgy and rascally, he reveals a soft and loveable core that offers him direct relatability to audience members of all backgrounds. Magnetic, energetic, imaginative and hilarious, Lonny provides the bridge between today’s audience and the nostalgia of the Rock of Ages world.
High and soaring rock tenor (Vocal Range: D3-D5). A singer of practice and stamina, Lonny must maintain the considerable musical requirements of 80s rock-and-roll lead lines.
Dance level: B+ * LEAD


Male – 40’s- 50s. Dennis is the founder of the Bourbon Room and the father of Rock. A denizen from a prior time, Dennis spent his youth worshipping at the shrine of Rock. The weathering and legacy of those years are obvious on his person, demeanour and personality. A faded rocker and entrepreneur, Dennis acts a mentor to all employed at the Bourbon. Partially stuck in the 70s, he brings an old-world sentimentality to his relationships, while promoting a sense of Rock music as a deep art-form in itself. His nurturing mindset leads him to be a strong mentor for Drew as well as a protector of Sherrie. Having spent his life’s work in the conception and success of the Bourbon, Dennis is passionate about saving the business from the clutches of corporate greed. A former flower child, his love for peace and progressive outlook present him as a wise figure – justifying his entrance at the end of the show as a shining angel. Dennis’ attachment to the Bourbon is promoted by a predominantly solitary life – in fact making the Bourbon his partner. Through the crises presented to him, however, he finds the courage to express himself and find the loving relationship he has long-awaited.
Rock tenor, with baritone quality (Vocal Range: D3-A4). A singer of practice and stamina, Dennis must maintain the considerable musical requirements of 80s rock-and-roll lead lines.
Dance level: C * LEAD


Late 40s- 50s. *Please submit female-presenting artists, regardless of birth gender, (including members of the LGBTQ2S+ community, and members of the Drag Community). Justice is the owner of the infamous Venus Gentlemen’s Club on the Sunset Strip. Having toiled to find their identity, Justice cuts a confident, classy, grounded, and self-possessed figure – full of humanity, devoid of gimmick, and magnetic/seductive in their own right. A mentor to the lost females of the Strip, Justice presents as empathetic, understanding and non-judgmental, while also being driven, mischievous, and highly perceptive. Justice is torn between roles as a business owner on the one hand, and a caring mentor on the other, often experiencing guilt as she tries to resolve the inherent conflict associated with these roles. Although the pain from their past is evident in their demeanor, Justice approaches life with love, joy, and hope. Energetic, sparkling and inspiring, Justice represents a Rock elder that has discovered their identity and has turned that knowledge into personal power.
High and soaring rock tenor (Vocal Range: G3-Db5). A singer of practice and stamina, Justice must maintain the considerable musical requirements of 80s rock-and-roll lead lines with soulful timbre.
Dance level: C * LEAD


Male – 40s. Arrogant, self-absorbed, entitled and spoiled, Stacee Jaxx is the quintessential successful 80s rock star. Self-important and demanding, he struts everywhere, surrounded by his adoring and bizarre entourage, made up mostly of groupies and women. Utilitarian, exploitative, and disconnected, although he is loved by the general public, he is fiercely despised by everyone who knows him well. In order to achieve his personal desires, he uses everyone around him as pawns or objects in his games, treating bandmates as lackeys and women as playthings. Hyper-sexed and perpetually high, he displays ubiquitous erotic desires – desires that even extend to a potentially unluck baby llama. Perpetually flaunting his body, his hair, and his self-acclaimed ‘sparkle’, Stacee serves as a compelling, yet ironic villain, providing a powerful counterpoint to Drew. Yet, he is a star. When he performs, he rockets into the stratosphere with his thrilling vocals and powerful presence. He is the very essence of the character you love to hate.
High and soaring rock tenor (Vocal Range: C3-B4/Eb5). A singer of practice and stamina, Stacey must maintain the considerable musical requirements of 80s rock-and-roll lead lines.
Dance level: C * LEAD



Female – Late 20’s to mid 30s. Political wonk, bureaucrat, advocate, and revolutionary, Regina (pronounced re-GY-na), is a fierce and passionate activist against the spread of corporate greed. With a backbone of steel, she leads the popular revolution against the powers that be, to save the Bourbon (and in fact the entire Sunset Strip) from the clutches of wealthy developers. Steeped with a sense of moral indignation and animating outrage, Regina moves her aims forward through confidence, defiance, and commitment, with a tinge of irreverence. Outspoken and vivacious, she does not hesitate to defy the powerful, defend the meek, and inspire followers. As comfortable in herself as she is in her context, Regina hides a soft, mushy center that slowly surfaces as she gets to know (and gets closer to) Franz.
Belting rock singer (Vocal Range: A3-Eb5).
Dance level: A * SUPPORTING


Male – 50s. Efficient, direct, driven, ruthless, and borderline violent, Hertz is a successful German developer intent on turning the Sunset Strip into one of his personal wealth-creating projects. Driven to create his fortune, Hertz shows no respect for the history of the Strip, the humanity of its citizens, nor the legacy of Rock. He is single-minded, ambitious, gruff, blunt, and relentless. Frustrated by the softness of his son Franz, he works to turn his son ‘into a man’ in order to help Franz have a better future. Larger than life, well-dressed, undaunted, and powerful, he represents the essence of old-world German machismo.
Belting rock baritone (Vocal Range: F3-A4).
Dance level: B * SUPPORTING


Male – late 20s to early 30s. Hertz’s son with stellar comedic delivery and timing. Privileged, spoiled, wealthy and ‘European’, Franz seems to aspire to follow in his father’s ruthless footsteps, except he actually doesn’t. Hidden beneath the forced businessman veneer stands a softer, innocent, childlike, and easily shaken character that finds Hertz’s ambition to be too aggressive and too destructive. Franz experiences a journey of self-development wherein the imposed persona of the brutal businessman comes to melt away, allowing him to express the gentler and more lovable qualities of his true character, leading him to find love in Regina. Because of his sincere openness, Franz has an epiphany and comes to see the power of the Sunset Strip. As such, he becomes a Rock’n’Roll convert.
High rock tenor (Vocal Range: Db3-A4/E5).
Dance level: A * SUPPORTING

ENSEMBLE roles will be cast from the auditions for the lead and supporting roles.

*Dance Levels: (this is explained in further detail within the audition packages

  • Level A: Highly trained and expert dancer, versatile, possible tumbler, capable of spontaneous dance ad-lib in various styles; lift training preferred.
  • Level B: Trained and adept dancer, able to pick up and perfect delivered choreography in various styles and delivery with power; lift training preferred.
  • Level C: Excellent mover, able to pick up required choreography and deliver convincingly, dance requirements will be limited.


Rock of Ages is a jukebox musical built around classic rock songs from the 1980s, especially from the famous glam metal bands of that decade. The musical features songs from Styx, Journey, Foreigner, Whitesnake, Survivor, REO Speedwagon, Bon Jovi, Pat Benatar, Twisted Sister, Steve Perry, Poison and Europe, among other well-known rock bands. It was written by Chris D’Arienzo, with music arrangements and orchestrations by Ethan Popp. The original Broadway production ran for 2,328 performances, closing on January 18, 2015 tied as the 29th-longest-running show in Broadway history. Since debuting on the Great White Way in 2009, it has spawned replica productions worldwide.

The Music:
Made up entirely of 80s Rock anthems and ballads, the music for Rock of Ages boasts powerful and soaring vocals and saturated harmonies. As such, vocal style must be ‘rock/belting’, with performers that have developed the stamina and capacity to present this score, 8 times per week. Male vocal ranges span from baritone tenor to high tenor, with limited falsetto. Female vocals require strong rock/pop belters, with limited use of head voice. Full-throated power stands as a defining feature of this show, and is required for a successful presentation of the powerful score.

The Choreography:
The concept for this show is multi-dimensional, multi-modal, and saturated – mirroring the saturation and power of 80s rock music. As such, the styles of dance invoked as part of this production’s design include rock, Broadway, street jazz, lyrical, contemporary, pop and acro/tumbling. To that end, versatility in dance ability is important for all cast members involved in dance/production numbers

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