Office Available for Rent

A bright, beautiful studio space available for rentals in downtown Toronto’s thriving Riverside neighbourhood

Looking for the perfect, all-encompassing rental space?

Our big, airy suite features an open-concept office, a kitchen, a brightly-lit meeting or waiting area, and a fully-equipped studio.

Located just adjacent to Leslieville’s bustling entertainment industry, the space is safe, contained, and entirely yours to use for the time period you choose to rent it.

The 1000sq foot space is fully furnished, with wifi, a Google nest, telephones, plants, art, and natural light, and can suit any purpose or need, including (but not limited to):

Office space ✯ Meeting area ✯ Writers’ room ✯ Casting ✯ Book club ✯ Workshops ✯​ ​etc.!

To learn more about renting our space, please contact Larissa Mair Casting at

Rental rates are flexible, depending on the project​.

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