About Us
Larissa Mair Casting and Associates are very excited to be embarking on the next chapter of their casting business. Larissa Mair has been casting film, television and theatre for almost ten years. At Larissa Mair Casting and Associates we take pride in discovering “new faces” and we are responsible for launching the careers of many young and talented performers. We have cast dozens of feature films, short films and television series which have gone on to critical and financial success.

"Larissa is a true professional with an unparalleled eye for talent and an extraordinary ability to quickly understand what a production needs.

She worked tirelessly through our entire search and wasn't happy until we were happy. Would unreservedly recommend her and her team."

Stuart Coxe
Executive Producer,
Antica Productions
Young Drunk Punk
TV Series
We are casting a New Comedy Television Series called:
Seeking talent across Canada

Deadline extended to Wednesday, July 30.

Click here for details.
Buddy! The Buddy Holly Story
Stage Production
We are casting: Buddy! The Buddy Holly Story.

Looking for very strong singers, dancers and actors.

Click here for details.
Odd Squad
TV Series
“ODD SQUAD” is a new live-action series that follows the adventures of two kid agents as they investigate weird activity in their town and figure out how to put things right again.
Evil Dead, the musical
Stage Production
We are casting EVIL DEAD, THE MUSICAL.

Seeking actors who can sing, dance and have no reservations about being covered in blood! For full details, see the casting notice HERE.

Click the names below to download the sides:
Annie and Shelley

Call Back Sides
Stage Production
The casting for CATS is now complete and the show is on at the Panasonic Theatre until September 1, 2013. For tickets click here.
Earlier this year we worked on Anthony Zuiker's exciting new project, Cybergeddon. The trailer has been released - check it out!
Life With Boys
Season 2

TV Series
Catch Life With Boys on YTV
L.A. Complex
Season 2

TV Series
Catch The L.A. Complex Season 2 on Much Music
The Birder
Feature Film
We just completed casting for The Birder, starring Tom Cavanagh. A comedy where birds of a feather plot revenge together!
Web Drama
We've just finished casting this new web drama, produced by Anthony Zuiker.
CBC Winnipeg Comedy Festival
The Winnipeg Comedy Festival is coming up this April and we've cast the comedians for the CBC gala shows - be sure to tune in for plenty of laughs!
Deal With It
TV Show
We've just finished casting the hosts for a new and hilarious hidden camera game show, produced by the "Just For Laughs" team.
In Real Life 3
TV Show
Be sure to catch our brave challengers race to the finish on YTV's "In Real Life" every Monday at 7pm.
Life With Boys
TV Show
We are thrilled to about the upcoming premier of LIFE WITH BOYS! Watch it Sept 9th at 6:30 on YTV
Bullet In The Face
Feature Film – Co-casting
From Alan Spencer (creator of Sledge Hammer!) and director Erik Canuel (Bon Cop, Bad Cop) comes a new comedy series called Bullet In The Face, shooting this fall. This violent and twisted comedy follows the new life of Gunter Vogler, a psychotic career criminal, who, after getting a bullet in the face, wakes up in a hospital with a brand new face. As it turns out, his new face is the face of a detective that he killed. He is now being forced to work in the police force to bring down his old crime lord boss. Bullet In The Face is an ultra-violent comedy about people who will stop at nothing to have a good time. PREMIERES IN 2012 ON IFC.
Feature Film – Toronto Casting
We have recently worked on the film “Hiding”, directed by Thomas J Wright and produced by Anthony Leo. 17-year old Josephine Russo is placed in witness relocation after witnessing the murders of her parents. She moves from New York City to a tiny town in Montana, however, Jo suspects that despite her new identity, she’s not out of danger yet – and she’s right.
Feature Film
Get your shift together with the film “Servitude”, coming this fall. Directed by Warren P Sonoda, this comedy about a group of waiters’ revenge-filled night features a cast that is sure to serve the laughs: Joe Dinicol, John Bregar, Dave Foley, Linda Kash, Margot Kidder, Enrico Colantoni, Aaron Ashmore, Lauren Collins, Jeigh Madjus, Rachel Skarsten and Kristen Hager.
Feature Film
We have recently finished casting the film "Offline", and what a cast it is! Starring Mischa Barton, Ron Lea, Dan Levy, Marco Grazzini, Nathalie Brown, it is to begin shooting this month.
Life With Boys
TV Series – YTV
We have finished casting the episodic for a new YTV show called Life With Boys.
Feature Film
Laurent Cantet
We are currently co-casting Laurent Cantet's next feature, Foxfire (based on the novel by Joyce Carol Oates). Cantet directed "The Class" which won the 2008 Palm D'Or award at Cannes and was nominated for an Oscar. It is a thrill to work on such a unique and exciting project.
What's Up Warthogs
TV Series – Family Channel
Episodic Casting
What's Up Warthogs has recently finished wrapping and what a fun series it was to work on! Coming to Family Channel in 2011, this is a new show about an unlikely team of high school students who host the morning announcements. With a stellar cast and loads of laughs, we can't wait for the premier!
TV Series – CBC
Casting Associate
InSecurity, a new comedy in which Larissa was the Casting Associate, premiered this week and is off to a very strong start! This sitcom follows a team of bumbling spies as they attempt to keep our nation safe…ish. Catch it on Tuesday nights at 8:30pm on CBC.
Wipeout Canada
TV Series – TVtropolis
Stay tuned for Wipeout Canada, a zany show in which contestants run a huge obstacle course for a grand prize. Our fantastic hosts, Jonathan Torrens, Ennis Esmer and Jessica Phillips will keep you in stitches as these crazy contestants make their way across the Big Balls, the Sucker Punch and the Wipeout Zone to try to get their hands on the $50,000 that goes to the winner. Set to air in Spring 2011, this show will be impossible to watch without cracking up!