Larissa Mair Client Testimonials

“Larissa and her team are some of my favorite people to cast with. As someone who came up through casting, I have high expectations, because I know the work that goes into doing it right. I appreciate their hands on approach to the process, the depth of their knowledge of the Canadian talent pool, and their willingness to expand that knowledge. It’s not just the same old, and it’s not just a crapshoot. I work a lot in comedy so I’m familiar with the community at large, so it’s always refreshing to discover a new face, thanks to their diligence. Larissa Mair Casting approaches each project with care and an in-depth understanding of the role, and I trust their taste and sensibility.”

Aleysa Young

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Larissa and her team on many productions and not only is she a joy to work with, but her instincts and intuition are always spot on. I lean on her for her expertise, creativity, and resourcefulness to find the perfect performers for the roles. She will leave no stone unturned!”

Joyce Wong

“Larissa Mair is one of my favourite Casting Directors and more importantly, one of the best humans in the business. She always creates a superb cast; whether for TV shows I’ve worked on, or for the films that I make, Larissa always delivers and helps set up our productions for success. Simply the real deal and joy to work with.”

Warren P. Sonoda, Filmmaker

“We worked with Larissa and her team on casting Run the Burbs. She put so much care and attention to detail in casting very specific and diverse roles. The team put out a huge “net to find as much talent as possible. This included working with new performers and supporting them through the audition process. One example was a role for an older Vietnamese woman, where Larissa reached out into the Vietnamese filmmaking community and found the perfect performer who was a filmmakers mother. This is an example of her resourcefulness, and commitment to authenticity. As a leader in the casting community, Larissa provided background on each performer, and her expertise really helped us make the best decisions possible. Simply put, she crushed the casting for Run the Burbs!”

Andrew Phung (Executive Producer and Star of Run the Burbs)

“I’ve had the immense pleasure of working with Larissa and her team twice now, once for an MOW and the second time for my passion project. What’s so special about her is how incredibly passionate she is about casting, storytelling and people. She works tirelessly, regardless of your budget, to find the perfect person for your role. She never stops and is always on top of it, day or night. I’ve never worked with a casting director who is so dedicated. She’s also so committed to diversity in casting and is such a strong advocate for BIPOC actors and has been for years. She really walks her talk and always sends you really great actors from her network. Larissa’s team is cut from the same cloth and works just as hard as she does and are just as lovely. Larissa is a beautiful human being who is a delight to work with and know. I look forward to continuing to work with Larissa Mair Casting! They’re amazing!”

Gloria Ui Young Kim
(416) 567-1221
Skype: gloryousproductions
Twitter: @GloryousFilms

“A casting director is an art that invites imagination, a willingness to find talent outside of the usual confines and an appreciation of that talent, along with the business savvy to know how to employ that talent.
Larissa Mair has all of these qualities and more and so working with her is always a joy.”

Sharon Lewis (She/Her)

“I adore working with Larissa and her team. They are exceedingly professional. With each new character we put a call out for, their team impresses me with their ability to find diverse talent. And even when I throw them a curveball of a request, they always come through with flying colours. And to top it all off, I love how much they care about the performers. Can’t say enough great things about Larissa and her team.”

Anthony Q. Farrell

“Larissa Mair’s keen eye for talent has been a key part of the success of many of Sinking Ship’s series. She is consistently able to find incredible talent both locally and across the globe, while keeping in mind our strive for a diverse reflection of the world we all share.”

J.J. Johnson
Sinking Ship Entertainment

“Larissa is creative, energetic and a genuine collaborator. She thinks outside the box and has a keen eye for talent.”

Tara Woodbury
VP of Development

“Larissa and her team are a pleasure to work with. They have a great eye for talent and are tireless in their search for just the right person. They do an equally great job finding experienced and new talent and are thoughtful in finding great options for challenging roles.”

Carrie Paupst Shaughnessy​
Vice President
Scripted – Marble Media

“Casting is critical, and complicated! The shows we make have a tangled web of needs and wants in who we hire as performers. They have to embody characters on the page, but also manage to bring their own experiences – and all while gelling with the vision of a director and an ensemble of peers. Casting can truly make or break a show. And here is where Larissa and her team enter the picture to save the day. I have worked with Larissa on numerous shows. Her understanding of character and performer runs deep. She makes excellent choices and suggestions, is organized to the extreme, and has consistently armed us with what we need to cast our series in a timely manner. She’s also a pleasure to work with. Five stars – full recommend!”

Davin Lengyel
Creative Producer/Line Producer

“I’ve worked with Larissa on multiple short and feature films of different scales and she’s always been able to deliver. Her wealth of industry knowledge, actor relations and friendly staff makes her one of the best casting directors I’ve worked with.”

Jessica Adams
JA Productions

“Larissa and her team have been wonderful to work with! Their prompt and thoughtful service has allowed us to find some of the best talent Toronto has to offer.”

Ryan West
Broken Compass Films

“As a casting director, Larissa proactively brings her vision to the film. I can always count on her, and the incredible team at Larissa Mair Casting, to hand pick the right talent for my films.”

“What I love about her process, is that she thinks broadly about who would be best for your film, and personally invites those who she thinks would be the best film to audition for your film”

Her instincts help me shape an amazing cast, everyone time!”

Jesse Ikeman
Director/ Producer
Vortex Words and Pictures

“Working with Larissa and her team was such a positive experience. As a producer, there are many important and moving parts to putting together a film, and Larissa always takes charge to find us the perfect cast. She listens to the needs of the project and delivers. Larissa and her team are positive and professional, making us and the actors feel comfortable and supported.”

Julianna Hays

“We had an excellent experience working with Larissa and her team. They were very attentive to our project and were able to organize casting quickly and efficiently. We will absolutely be working with them on future projects.”

Melissa Williamson/Laslzo Barna,
Pier 21 Films

“Larissa, along with her amazing team of casting associates, works tirelessly and without complaint to find us the perfect actor for every role. She’s fiercely dedicated to our projects, totally in touch with the industry and a champion of emerging new talent – a pure pleasure to collaborate with.”

Linda Schyler and Stephen Stohn
Epitome Pictures,
Open Heart, Degrassi, L.A Complex

“When we wanted a fresh take on our new series Life with Boys, we went with Larissa and her team because of their positive energy. It was a taxing undertaking and they pulled out all of the stops and, as a result, I believe we have one of the strongest casts in television.”

Jim Corston
Life with Boys

“Larissa and her team collaborated with us enthusiastically to find a wonderful cast for our show, Life With Boys. Their energy, endurance and good humour helped to make a challenging task more manageable.”

Tracey Dodokin
Supervising Producer
Corus™ Entertainment Inc. / CORUS KIDS

“We were very pleased to work with Larissa and her team while casting our hosts and co-host for Wipeout Canada. Larissa found the ideal, unique talent for our project, and worked tirelessly through multiple sessions to get our casting right. Larissa ran our sessions skillfully and professionally, and introduced us to some new, exceptional talent.

I would not hesitate to recommend Larissa and her team, and look forward to working with her again.”

Rachel Horvath
Senior Producer, Wipeout Canada
VP of Production,
Lone Eagle
Entertainment Ltd.

“While working with Larissa and her team on ‘The Bridge’ we were never short of seeing fresh faces for all of our characters to pick from. Many times we had to ask Larissa to come up with someone new to pick from at the last minute, she always came through. I always felt Larissa was part of the team, which was important to us and she always worked toward a sense of perfection when it came to casting ‘The Bridge.’”

Craig Bromell
Executive Producer,
The Bridge

“Larissa and her associates really impressed us with their energy and ideas when it came to casting our new half-hour comedy. They left no stone unturned in finding the perfect combination of established and new talent for our show, and their organization and follow-through were impeccable. Tenacious and a pleasure to work with, they’re a dream team.”

Lesley Grant
Senior Development Producer,
Temple Street

“Larissa and her team are great to work with, finding us the best of the new talent and connecting us with the more established talent in the country. And we have fun doing it!”

Mike Souther/Teza Lawrence
Amaze Film + Television Inc.

“I have worked with Larissa on several productions and have always been very happy with the process and results. She is knowledgeable, hard-working, dedicated and well respected by actors and agents alike. Larissa and her team are a real pleasure to work with.”

Neil Bregman
Sound Venture/NB: Productions Inc.

“Larissa and her team have been the key to finding the most precious element of our series, In Real Life: the cast of 18 kids. She and her team interviewed hundreds of kids to find the best challengers for the show. In Real Life wouldn’t be the same without them.”

Mindy Laxer
Vice President and General Manager Apartment 11 Productions

“Larissa Mair and her team are a veritable casting powerhouse. Their energy and enthusiasm is unmatchable. No un-cast role is safe when Larissa is on the case!”

Anthony Leo
Executive Producer
Aircraft Pictures

“Larissa is amazing and her team is nothing short of miracle workers. They serviced our every whim with consummate professionalism and kindness, managing to keep us smiling and laughing through the entire process!”

Heather Brewster
Director of Development + Production / Dolphin Entertainment
Associate Producer, “What’s Up, Warthogs!”

“We have had Larissa Mair cast a number of our projects this year. Each experience was an absolute pleasure. Professionally, Larissa and her organization are outstanding being stalwarts when it comes to finding talent, paying attention to detail, following through on offers, and concluding deals. Recommend her highly.”

Stefan Wodoslawsky
Reel One Entertainment / Premiere Bobine

“I have had the pleasure of working with Larissa and her hard working team on several projects over the years and look forward to many more. Her passion to champion behind new talent as well as connecting Producers to established talent in the city is like none other. Every project is different and we head into every new production with the faith that Larissa and her team will find the best talent for each role.”

Tyler Metcalf | Producer
LaRue Entertainment

“Larissa is a dream casting director. Creative, smart, tenacious with a terrific sense of humour, Larissa is always inspired and unstoppable in her search for the perfect cast.
She is a great collaborator and I love working with her.”

Susan Caven/Producer
Accent Entertainment

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